Farm to Pantry Business Sponsors and Partners

farm to pantry perennials

  • Chris and Phyllis Baldenhofer

  • Blanche Becker

  • Yael Bernier

  • Monique and Alan Cohen

  • Herb and Jane Dwight

  • Jane and Herb Dwight Fund of CFSC

  • Barbara Epstein

  • Leslie and Todd Everett

  • Marie and Tim Fowle

  • Emily and Jeff Gilman

  • Barbara Grasseschi and Tony Crabb

  • Keenan Goelz

  • Rosa Gonzalez

  • Sue Gray

  • Stuart and Katie Gray

  • Sally and Drew Gross 

  • Kate Hendricks

  • Quincey and Dan Imhoff

  • Doug Lipton and Cindy Daniels

  • Melita Love

  • Oliver and Sonja Max

  • Ashley Mauritson

  • Sandi McCubbin

  • Elizabeth McLachlan

  • Bruce Mentzer

  • Messing Family Charitable Foundation

  • Lynne Murphy

  • Lee and Doug Nalle

  • Ruth Olson

  • Susan and Lou Preston 

  • Dawnelise Rosen

  • Jane Rosenberg & Steve Deas

  • Pam Rudd

  • Jake Rutherford

  • Monica Sallouti & Carlie Wilkerson

  • Heather Ann and Frank Smith

  • Ross Stromberg

  • Kent & Mary Taylor

  • Kathy Timberlake

  • Vicki Vaughn

  • Michael and Janet Verlander

  • Barbara and Howard Wollner

Farm to Pantry Community Partners

Thanks to Grants from:

  • City of Healdsburg

  • Clif Bar

  • Healdsburg Forever

  • Landmark Foundation

  • Rotary Noon

  • Rotary Sunrise

  • Safeway

  • Soroptimists

  • Campbell Foundation

Our volunteers are a dedicated crew. They each exhibit the passion of ensuring that the community in need gets access to healthy fruits, nuts and vegetables. That passion has led to over 170 tons of surplus fruit, nuts and produce -- or, 1.3 million servings. We humbly admit we couldn’t do this on our own. Strong partners like these listed below helps us in our effort to end hunger in our community. 

We work with the following local charities that accept donated produce:

And these organizations that encourage healthy eating and nutrition:

  • Healdsburg Community Center After School Program

  • Healdsburg Elementary School Garden & Nutrition Classes

  • Fitch Mountain Campus State Preschool, Day Camp and Summer Camp Programs

  • West Side Union Extended Daycare

  • 4Cs Healdsburg Child Care and Development Center

  • 4Cs Windsor State Preschool

  • Healdsburg Boys and Girls Club

  • Geyserville Boys and Girls Club

  • Windsor Boys and Girls Club

  • Extended Child Care – Windsor Schools

  • Healdsburg Senior Center

  • Fitch Mountain Terrace Burbank Housing