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Growing The Table

Supporting regenerative, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ & women-owned farmers, in order to nourish families, reduce food waste & save farms during the COVID-19 crisis.

We’re helping to shift demand in the food supply chain towards a regenerative future & ensure greater racial & gender equity in the new economy. In short, we pay struggling & marginalized farmers to grow food for Californians facing food insecurity.

A Box of Dignity

A recipe, from celebrity chef Duskie Estes, incorporating the box items as ingredients is included.

FEED Sonoma Farmers received over $316,100, providing over 9,579 nutritious CSA boxes to food-insecure families in 2022.

The Growing the Table (GTT) initiative was cultivated by the Office of Kat Taylor in 2020 because California farmers have seen their markets decrease by 50% , leaving them with excess produce & commodities for which they cannot find buyers. Restaurants & large food service institutions, like schools & offices, are no longer consistent clients. Simply put, many California farmers are struggling to keep their farms. Farm to Pantry was one of the original partners for this initiative in Sonoma County. We delivered over 15,000 boxes in 2020 - small farmers were paid, hungry people were fed, and our volunteers loved being involved. We believe the GTT model is such a game-changer for the food system and so essential to our local farmers’ viability that, when funding ran dry in early 2021, we endeavored to keep it going on our own. Thanks to a guest appearance by Kat Taylor herself and generous “Paddle Raise” donors at our Summer Supper, we were able to raise over $100,000 for our farmers! Now, Farm to Pantry is officially running its own regional GTT hub. For more information on the statewide program, click on the link below.

Boxes are assembled at FEED Sonoma in Petaluma then delivered to food-insecure families at low-income housing units & other distribution sites around the County.

People’s faces light up when they see the vibrant and nutritious contents in the box - it’s like opening a delicious present!

We have regular weekly deliveries. If you are interested in a volunteer driving opportunity, click on the button below.


Over 80 Farms Benefiting from Growing The Table, including:

ALLSTAR Organics, Nicasio/Petaluma

Animalitos Farm , Occidental

Bella Ridge Farm , Occidental

Bernier Farms , Healdsburg

Coastal Hill Farm , Petaluma

County Line Harvest , Petaluma

Coyote Family Farm , Penngrove

Devoto Gardens , Sebastopol

Dew Drop Farm , Sebastopol

DMS Ranch , Sebastopol

EARTHseed Farm , Sebastopol

Earthworker Farm , Sebastopol

Filigreen Farm , Boonville

Foggy River Farm , Healdsburg

Four Oak Farm , Santa Rosa

Front Porch Farm , Healdsburg

Gold Ridge Organic Farms , Sebastopol

Gratitude Gardens , Forestville

Green Star Farm , Sebastopol

Kibo Farm , Santa Rosa

Kiss the Flower Honey Co , Sebastopol

Laguna Farm , Sebastopol

Lantern Farm , Cloverdale

Le Reve Farm , Sebastopol

Leisen’s Bridgeway Farm, Santa Rosa

Live Oak Farm, Petaluma

Longer Table Farm, Santa Rosa

Marin Roots Farm , Petaluma

Mycopia , Sebastopol

New Family Farm , Sebastopol

Olson Farms , Penngrove

Paul’s Produce , Sonoma

Pelicanos Farm , Petaluma

Pink Barn Farm , Sebastopol

Russian River Organics , Healdsburg

Rusty Gate Farm , Sebastopol

Salmon Creek Ranch , Bodega

Sausalito Springs , Petaluma

Singing Frogs Farm , Sebastopol

Spreadwing Farm , Capay Valley

Shone Farm , Forestville

Stony Point Strawberry Farm , Petaluma

Strong Arm Farm , Santa Rosa

Suncatcher Farm , Petaluma

Tierra Vegetables , Windsor

Toluma Farms, Tomales

True Grass Farms , Tomales

West County Community Farm, Sebastopol

White Fox Blueberry Farm , Occidental

Windrift Farms , Petaluma

Wingbeats Farm , Petaluma




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