Olive Oil Release Party 2019

Dearest Farm to Pantry Family,

Thank you for supporting our important mission.


A heartfelt thank you to Chef Anthony Solar for his divine and delicious cuisine. Anthony is a loving and exceptionally gifted part of our family. His donation of our bountiful feast and time devoted to us are monumental. Bruce and Anthony together represent the best of what it means to give your time, talent and treasury

Geri and Andrew Biehl, our amazing hosts for the 2nd year in a row, thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Thank you to all of our fabulous wine donors: Foppiano (thank you Rob and Gayle), Rochioli, Robert Young, Matt Gallo, Passalacqua, Unti, & Truett Hurst

Thank you, Susan Lentz, for your olives and enthusiastic gleaning with us

Thank you, Mary Louise Bucher and Dry Creek Olive Co. for our pressing and bottles

Our dedicated and compassionate Gleaners

The wonderful, energetic, inspiring students from Cardinal Newman brought to us by Justin Brown and Catherine Biehl

Kabir the superb pianist and guitarist

Our accomplished photographer Cynthia Glassell

Keenan Goelz our brilliant, vital IT genius,Gleaner and best friend of Farm to Pantry

Master Pizza Chef Pierre Ratte with Presto Fresco

Thank you to Moustache Baked Goods. Ozzy Jimenez and Tyler Cook generously donated their delicious and unique cupcakes to our Olive Oil Release Party! They graciously donate to all of our events. Thank you very much!

Bear Republic / Richard Norgrove

Cooper Conrad with Becoming Independent

The dedicated Farm to Pantry Board


Connie, David, Gwen and the Farm to Pantry Board