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   Schools are in their transformational stage in focusing on healthy food choices as well as providing a valuable service to their community. How do they bring those two key concepts together to make a powerful combination? Farm to Pantry Student Gleaning and Nutrition Education Programs nourish these young minds to do just that. Relationships with local schools provides hands-on, outside the classroom experiences that allow educators to deepen their classroom curriculum. Educators love the canvas the home gardens and larger farms bring. Elementary students arrive with such anticipation. And yet they apply science and math concepts to their gleans, not to mention the value of teamwork and problem solving. High school students take gleaning and service to a much more complex level. The high school culinary department uses the gleaned produce to create other healthy foods to last beyond the growing season. From marmalades to canned tomatoes and beyond, these students also gain valuable life skills as they enter adult life. More specifically, we...

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Helping to nourish others

  • Bring together local students K-12, seniors, farmers and other members of our diverse community through garden and orchard field trips to promote leisure activities of all ages in the community

  • Partner with local schools, “Kids on Campus,” Club H, and Healdsburg Boys and Girls Club  to maintain after school youth programs focused on environmental stewardship, nutrition education and community development


Working as a seamless team

  • Enhance community building through farmers’ market visits, participation in the City of Healdsburg annual parade, distributing gleaned produce to community food pantry and other charitable organizations

  • Develop a habit of community service through sharing produce with community members

  • Build community relationships and connectedness


Serving others begins today