Connecting Abundance to Need, Farmer to Neighbor

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Redwood Empire Food Bank

Our volunteers are a dedicated crew. They each exhibit the passion of ensuring that the community in need gets access to healthy fruits, nuts and vegetables. That passion has led to over 204 tons of surplus fruit, nuts and produce -- or, 1.6 million servings. We humbly admit we couldn’t do this on our own. Redwood Empire Food Bank (REFB) has a simple mission -- to end hunger in our community. Our collaboration is growing stronger everyday.

As the largest hunger-relief organization serving north coastal California, REFB provides an amazing vehicle to nourish the community with the produce. REFB’s Chef Don and his team use the gleaned produce our volunteers diligently harvest and create healthy meals that are then sealed in individual servings and frozen for distribution to food pantries throughout Northern California. Peppers are included in meatloaf with roasted acorn squash accompanying. Lasagna stuffed with a variety of vegetables. Just a few examples of the incredibly rich work that continues day after day, year after year.