Cultivating Healthy Choices


Alliance Medical Center

Agriculture is core to Healdsburg’s history and since it’s inception in 1971, Alliance Medical Center has been serving the community as the Affordable Healthcare Home. Originally serving farm workers and their families, Alliance Medical Center provides quality medical, dental and specialty care for a diverse group of patients. Beyond the patient care through exams and procedures, Alliance Medical Center leads the way in empowering their patients to make healthy choices from the beginning. And this is the perfect relationship with Farm to Pantry. During our weekly gleans, over 80 lbs. of fresh produce is delivered. Thanks to the generosity of valued Farm to Pantry gleaners Steve and Cyndie Pogue, a “Farmacy” Cart is parked in the lobby, displaying the fresh, healthy foods for all patients to have easy access to. And the relationship keeps growing with over 200 lbs of gleaned produce delivered each quarter with recipes and other ideas to distribute to the Alliance Medical Center clientele.