Since we began in October 2008, Farm to Pantry has gleaned over 215 tons of fresh produce. You name it, we've probably gleaned it...apples, beets, cabbage, cucumbers, figs, greens, grapefruit, kiwis, lemons, onions, pears, peppers, persimmons (fuyu and hachiya), pineapple guavas, plums, potatoes, pumpkins, oranges, radicchio, squash, tomatoes, turnips, walnuts, and, of course, zucchini – all grown in Sonoma County! This equates to over 1.7 million servings of healthy produce nourishing others instead of going to waste.

   Gleaning not only makes fresh food more accessible and reduces waste, but also strengthens community by connecting neighbor to neighbor, abundance to need.

   Every week, throughout the year, Farm to Pantry gleaning volunteers gather to rescue the surplus vegetables and fruits donated by local farmers, kitchen garden growers and property owners. Together we rescue food, reach people, and reduce greenhouse gas.

Join our cause by volunteering to glean. Fill out the form below to be added to our weekly gleaners email for upcoming schedules.