Connecting Abundance to Need. 



   Our mission is to nourish those who are hungry or have limited access to nutritious produce by engaging volunteer gleaners to harvest, collect and deliver excess produce.

   Since 2008, over 165 tons of produce has been distributed weekly to more than 22 organizations that provide food to those in need, to low income residents in our community, and directly through our Farmacy Carts. That equates to 1.3 million servings. Farm to Pantry is committed to supporting statewide, county, and local programs that connect and educate the community about the need for and the benefit of eating nutritious produce. We also partner with elected officials, our county departments of health and of human services, community medical centers providing affordable health care, and several school districts. 

   We strive to accomplish our mission through, volunteer gleaning events, farmers' market participation, student gleaning field trips, nutrition education, preserving events, and community activities designed to strengthen community engagement and education.