Connecting Abundance to Need, Farmer to Neighbor


Preston Farms and Winery

As a family-operated, organic and bio-dynamic property, Preston Farms and Winery is 125 acres nestled between a meandering salmon-spawning stream and a sleepy stretch of former wagon trail leading to town. Throughout the years, the land has evolved from an emphasis on wine to diversified crops including vineyards, vegetables, fruit and olive trees, grain, and pastured livestock. And and with growing season, how does a farmer ensure any excess crops still provide value. This partnership with growers is the hallmark to Farm to Pantry’s mission. Lou and our growing network of farmers allow our volunteer group of gleaners to harvest and distribute their healthy food to those who don’t readily have access. It’s really a win-win and we couldn’t do it without all our partners.

Images courtesy of Preston Farm and Winery