Connie Newhall Executive Director

Connie has been actively involved in the nonprofit world for 25 years -- most recently as Development Director for a global animal welfare organization with sanctuaries all over the world. She loves and appreciates the arts and was a Docent at the SF Museum of Modern Art, a member of the SF Ballet Auxiliary, as well as an Artist's representative early in her career. Connie holds a Bachelor's degree from Northwestern University, School of Communications. Raised in Chicago and Baltimore, she still treasures both cities and the rural life she experienced on her grandparent's dairy farm in Montana. She moved to San Francisco following graduation from Northwestern, married and moved to Sausalito. A proud parent, she recently saw her son off to Seattle to embark on his career. Now a Healdsburg resident, Connie loves the natural beauty of Healdsburg and being a part of this vital community.


David Opperman Program Director

David Opperman is based in Windsor, his family is the fifth generation from Healdsburg. David attended Cardinal Newman High School and the Santa Rosa Junior College before moving abroad to London. David and his family have been longtime supporters of the F.F.A. and the Boys and Girls Club In Healdsburg. David has built a reputation in the community through the Mr. Healdsburg Pageant and by being an avid AIDS Lifecycle rider. He has fundraised more than $60,000 for both of these causes. David worked for Jean Paul Gaultier as a coordinator for the North Western Division in California, where he applied his expertise is market knowledge and social networking. David also instructs cycle at Parkpoint Health Club in Healdsburg where he is a network extraordinaire and motivational speaker.


Gwen Garloff Program Assistant

When you meet Gwen, you'll immediately get a sense of her "save the penny, save the earth generation" -- where conservation is the norm, clothing is home made, produce comes from the garden, and wastefulness is unthinkable. What a natural fit with Farm to Pantry. Her passions include a fondness for up-cycling clothing via sewing, baking, gardening, wake and snowboarding. Most recently Gwen worked for a non profit credit counseling agency for 15 years and helped consumers understand basic money management principles including debt management, credit reports, preparing for home purchase, and more. She has a BA in Psychology from UC Davis.